Our mission at Express Weight Loss is to help each individual achieve their longest, healthiest, happiest life possible with healthy eating and detoxification, along with good coaching.

Our approach: Clean, healthy eating along with detoxing is the most effective way to lose and maintain weight. Maintenance is the key to life long weight loss success. You don’t have to attend weekly meetings to achieve success, and you don’t have to eat boring foods.

Venus Med Spa



Personal Care


New! IV Infusions

Vitamin infusions are administered by a medical professional that delivers vitamins directly into the bloodstream.

Lipo Laser

Lipo Laser is a spot fat reduction and body contouring system that works with lasers to liquefy fat cells expelling them safely through your lymphatic system.


Lipotherme is a revolutionary technique that harnesses the power of heat-generating lasers to selectively break up unwanted body fat and reshape your body and help you achieve the body you want.